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Assamese Phonetic Keyboard for Windows 7 & Windows 8

STEP 1: Download the Assamese Phonetic Keyboard version 4.0 (Popularly know as "XOBDO-Keyboard")

If you use Windows XP, please click here.
If you use Mac OS, please click here.

STEP2: Extract the files and save in your hard disk. Double click the setup.exe file and follow the installation instructions.

The installation will take place in the background and may take several minutes. At the end of installation, you will see the following screen. Click "Close".

STEP3: After finishing the installation of the keyboard layout, go to the control panel.

STEP 4: Click the "Change keyboard or other input method" as shown below.

Step 5: Under the "Keyboards and Languages" Tab, click "Change keyboards..."

STEP 6: Under the "General" Tab, click the "Add..." button as shown below.

STEP 7: Scroll down to "Assamese (India)", expand by clicking the small [+] sign, expand again the "keyboard", and then click "Show More...".Then, you should see the XOBDO-KB (also known as "Assamese Phonetic ver 4.0"). Select that and click "OK".

STEP 8: You should see the "Assamese Phonetic ver 4.0" as "Keyboard layload /IME" as shown below. Click "OK".

STEP 9: Close all the open windows by clicking "OK" or "APPLY"

STEP 10: Now, you should see Assamese in your Windows "Language Bar".

Select it, open any word processor like NotePad, Word and start typing Assamese. Enjoy !!!. See the layout/arrangement of the keys here

You can toggle between English and Assamese by simply pressing SHIFT+ALT together.

STEP 10A: If you do not see the "Language Bar" as in Step-10, go to the screen of STEP 6, go to the "Language Bar" tab, check as shown below and click OK.


1. Assamese Phonetic Keyboard Layout for Windows