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A descriptive multilingual dictionary by the people, for the people and of the people of north-east India
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Language: Tiwa; Category: Common Noun
এবিধ পিয়াঁজ গছৰ দৰে সৰু গছ আৰু তাৰ শিপাত হোৱা ফুটাৰ সমষ্টি।

An onionlike plant having a white bulb that breaks up into separable cloves with a strong distinctive odor and flavor.

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Grao bono

lang. Dimasa; trans. grao bono
এক দৃঢ় সিদ্ধান্ত

A fixed and persistent intent or purpose; a firm decision

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lang. English; trans.
মাত্ৰাধিক্য ভাৱে থকা বা ঘটা

existing or occurring in a high or extreme degree

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