Assamese Phonetic Keyboard for Windows XP

By: Webmaster

STEP 1: Download the Assamese Phonetic Keyboard version 3.3 (Popularly know as "XOBDO-Keyboard")

If you use Windows 7, please click here.

If you use Mac OS, please click here.

STEP2: Extract the files and save in your hard disk. Double click the setup.exe file and follow the installation instructions.

STEP3: After finishing the installation of the keyboard layout and if you have Windows XP installed with Indic language support, go to the control panel. If not you have to install it. Please find how to install in your computer by clicking here.

STEP 4: Double click the "Regional and Language Options"

Step 5: Go to the "Languages" tab

STEP 6: Click "Details..." button.

STEP 7: In the setting tab, under 'Installed Services' click the "Add.." button.

STEP 8: Select ANY Indic language like Bengali, Oriya, Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujrati, Marathi etc as Input Language as Assamese is NOT available in Windows-XP. It will still work.

STEP 9: Select "Assamese Phonetic ver 3.x" as "Keyboard layload /IME"

STEP 10: Close all the open windows by clicking "OK" or "APPLY"

STEP 11: Select the language you selected in step 8 in your Windows "Language Bar". Or, press Shift+Alt together to toggle from one language to another.

STEP 12:

Now, open any word processor like NotePad, Word and start typing. Enjoy !!!

See the layout/arrangement of the keys here.