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XOBDO Script Policy (2022)

XOBDO.ORG adopts the various writing system or scripts to write different languages as per the following table. It also provides provision to record the pronunciations in two additional scripts. XOBDO.ORG also has specific 'scheme' or 'protocol' to transcript certain languages in specific scripts as indicated in the table.
LanguageHead Word ScriptpRoman ScriptpAssamese Script
English Roman -XOBDO Transliteration Scheme 2013
Assamese Assamese XOBDO Phonetics Romanization Scheme (2007)-
Bangla Bangla Roman-
Bishnupriya Manipuri Bangla Roman-
Bodo Devnagari Bodo Romanization Scheme (2022)-
Hindi Devnagari Roman-
Nepali Devnagari Roman-
Rabha Assamese Roman-
Deuri Assamese Roman-
Tai-Ahom Assamese Roman-
Mising Roman -Assamese
Dimasa Roman --
Khasi Roman --
Garo Roman --
Mizo Roman --
Nagamese Roman --
Karbi Roman --
Tiwa Roman --
Meiteilon Roman --
Kok-Borok Roman --