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Discussion Rules

XOBDO's discussion forum is not a bulletin board where anybody can post anything. It is a moderated discussion forum to discuss and sort out serious issues pertaining to the online dictionary.

If you want to start a discussion, please see here.

In an attempt to streamline the discussions in XOBDO, the famous 'De Bono's Six Thinking Hats' methodology is adopted.

More details of this effective


The standard format adopted as per this methodology is as follows:

1. Anybody can initiate a discussion.
2. Within 24 hours of the initiation, a 'Maestro' will be assigned.
3. The 'Maestro' is the chairperson who keeps time and conduct the discussion.

He/She will ...
(a) refine the problem/issue definition,
(b) Set timetable for each Hat.
(c) Make sure that one Hat is active at a time.
(d) Conduct and conclude the discussion.
(e) Implement the solution.

WHITE HAT (2 days): In this phase, all members participating in the discussion will only collect data and information. No opinions to be posted.

It includes:
a) Quotations from various dictionaries.
b) Quotations from renowned magazines, newspapers; novels, articles by renowned writer, journalists.
c) Statements like 'I have seen...', 'I heard...' will be accepted as secondary sources of information.

However, it does not include statements like 'I think..', 'We should implement/accept/not accept ...'

GREEN HAT (1 day): Brainstorm solutions. Bring forth as many creative solutions as possible, without thinking about the pros and cons. Any new information or opinions are discouraged at this stage.

BRYB Hats:
BLACK HAT (cons),
RED HAT (guts feelings/ opinion),
YELLOW HAT (pros),
BLUE HAT (decision making)
(2 days) : These hats are combined to suite XOBDO needs and time constrains. Here one can post opinions about the proposed solutions.. their pros and cons and one's decision about which solution should be implemented. Any new information or solutions are discouraged at this stage. Statements like 'I think..', 'We should implement/accept/not accept ...' are welcome here.

NAVY BLUE HAT (implementation) (within 24 hours of conclusion) : This HAT does not exist in the original De Bono's Scheme. However, it is created to indicate a stage when the consensus solution in pending implementation.

The total live-span of the discussion should be limited to a maximum of 7 days.