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bank (English) [ IPA: ˈbæŋk ASM: বেংক]
1. (Abstract Noun) an institution for receiving, lending, exchanging, and safeguarding money and, in some cases, issuing notes and transacting other financial business. ধন জমা ৰখা আৰু প্ৰয়োজন অনুসৰি ধন ধাৰলৈ দিয়া প্ৰতিষ্ঠান৷

Contributed by: Swapnita Kakati on 2006-03-21
2. (Abstract Noun) The zone above the water line at end the edge of a water body like sea, lake, river etc, marked by an accumulation of sand, stone, or gravel that has been deposited by the tide or waves. সাগৰ, হ্ৰদ, নদী আদিৰ পানীৰ পৰিসীমাৰ দাঁতিত স্থলভাগ, যি সাধাৰণতে বালি, শিল বা পলসেৰে ভৰি থাকে।

Contributed by: Ranjita Pegu on 2006-03-21
3. (Material Noun-Neuter) A long artificial mound of stone or earth; built to hold back water or to support a road or as protection. পানী বন্ধ ৰাখিবলৈ দিয়া ঢাপ