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Parts of Speech used in XOBDO

Major POS Minor POS Example Descriptions *Gender/ Number Applicable?
Noun Common Noun man, cow represents an entire species or class of people A
Proper Noun Ram, Hari name of a specific person, animal, object A
Material Noun water, table represents an entire class of non-living thing P
Verbal Noun tour, movement represents the action i.e. the abstract noun from of verbs N
Abstract Noun happiness, beauty reprents a quality or emotion i.e. abstract noun from of adjectives, emotions etc N
Pronoun he, she, they, yesterday, now Place holder of a noun A
Adjective Proper Adjective beautiful, ugly qualifies a noun A
Verbal Adjective drawn, edited refers to objects modified by an action N
Adjective Adjective very much, too many qualifies another adjective N
Adverb quickly, repeatedly qualifies a verb N
Verb Transitive eat, get The subject effects an object by the action N
Intransitive walk, cry The subject DOES NOT effect an object by the action N
Others Adposition (Preposition, Postposition & Circumposition) of, to, in, for, on, with, as, by, at, from indicates a relation between things mentioned in a sentence N
Interjection oh! bravo! has no grammatical connection to the rest of the sentence and simply expresses emotion on the part of the speaker N
Conjunction for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so , both … and, either … or, neither … nor, and not (only) … but (… also), although, before, until, while connects two words, phrases, or clauses together N