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What is IdeaID and how to select it?

XOBDO is a "semantics-based" dictionary, that is, it stores the meaning / idea / concept OR The Semantics ("Ideas" henceforth) first, then it stores words of different languages conveying that meaning or Idea.

The Ideas are identified uniquely by an "IdeaID" and described without any ambiguity. The relations between Ideas and Words can be many-to-many. In other words, one idea can have multiple words, while a single word can be linked to multiple Ideas. The concept is depicted in the following Venn Diagram:

How to select the IdeaID while submitting a word ?

The word that you are trying to enter can be classified in two types...

Type 1:

A word whose meaning already exists in XOBDO's database along with some other synonymous words. In in this case, you are supposed to identify and select the most appropriate IdeaID as shown below.


Type 2:

A word whose meaning is new. No other word conveying the same meaning exists in XOBDO. In this case, leave the IdeaID blank or put 0 (zero). But, in this case, you have to supply the meaning by clicking "more" (as in the following figure) and filling up the details. It is shown here.