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XOBDO.ORG is a living 'descriptive dictionary'. Volunteers like you are continuously discussing and attempting to describe and document the words, their meanings and spellings as they are used and understood by people at present time. You can also participate in these discussions and be part of this endevour.
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    abyss, নৰক, childlessness, সন্তানহীনতা, collaborate, তদ্ভৱ শব্দ, তদ্ভৱ, ভুল বুজ্‌, misunderstand, Broach, Characterization, বৈশিষ্ট্যকৰণ, পাকৈঢোৰা, ‌अँगुठी, ‌अँगाल्नु, ‌अँगार, প্ৰতিদ্ৱন্দী, প্ৰীতিমূলক, Memorandum of Understanding, বুজা-পৰাৰ চুক্তি...
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    সিজা, আক্ৰমণ, abash, aerolite, বিৰক্ত কৰ্, arlong, lunatic, ধাৰাসাৰ, school, মনোযোগ...
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