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XOBDO is a community-driven project; that is any member of the community can propel the project either by adding new words or by challenging the accuracy of the existing words, even by editing these words when necessary. Being equipped with a database enriched by the community, the XOBDO Team has decided to publish it as a package in every six months under General Public License. The package will contain XOBDO's data in a number of formats such as the existing words, their meanings and other relevant information. Any application developer or researcher can download and use the package by embedding it in his/her application, which will be part of the research work or the application development under the said license.

"A dictionary by you, for you, of you" - keeping in line with this spirit, from the 6th Anniversary, that is 10-March-2012, XOBDO.ORG has become a "copyleft" website and has started to share the main database with anybody who wish to obtain a copy of it.

As of Nov-2013, we have shared our database with the following organizations/individuals:
Sl. No.NameDateProject
1Navanath SahariaMarch-2012Development of XOBDO Offline Version
2Manjil Saikia
Gonit Sora
March-2012Assamese Mathematical Glossary
3Dr. Priyankoo SarmaJune-2012Comparative Analysis of a few Languages of Assam
4Nhut Khang Lam, PhD student of University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. (Adviser: Dr. Jugal Kalita)July-2012Creation of a reversed dictionary. Paper accepted in NAACL-HLT 2013
5Dr. Shakuntala Mahanta
May-2013Creation of a database of Assamese of about one million phonetically transcribed Assamese words.
6Ms. Ranju Devi, Brahmaputra Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Jun-2013Development of an English-Assamese mobile application.
7Mr. Rajesh Patil, Technical Team, KHANDBAHALE.COMSept-2013Development of a free multilingual dictionary.
8Manabendra Gogoi
Oct-2013Development of an English-Assamese dictionary app for Android, Windows Phone and iOS. You may download the app from here .
9Jor Teron
Nov-2013Development of a dictionary software for Hmar, Karbi and English
MoFirst Solutions Pvt.Ltd., Mumbai
Sept-2015In Firstouch, now we are working on Assamese localization; we are making a regional operating system in Assamese and developing a keyboard for Assamese. Also working on Assamese machine translation, transliteration and other projects. We need Assamese word corpus to bring word prediction in the keyboard (only monolingual). We like to have your Xobdo collection of Assamese words in Unicode. We hope, we can use this on phone with commercial purpose.

If you are interested to obtain a copy of the latest database, you may contact us directly at admin@xobdo.org with the following details:
1) Your Name
2) Your Email
3) Your Contact Phone Number
4) Do you represent any organization?
5) Your Mailing Address
6) Required data format (available in Text, XML & SQLLITE)
7) Scope of data required (Assamese word list, English word list, Meanings, Grammar Classification, etc)
8) How would you like to use the database? Please provide some details of your proposed/on-going project where the data will be used and how.

Liberated from the clutches of COPYRIGHTS.
(May be the first and the only 'copyleft' website from the North-East India)