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অসমৰ ৰাজ্যিক পক্ষী
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An endangered wild duck with a black body. Both sexes have a white head and neck which is spotted with black. The bill is orange, mottled with black. The wings are tipped with white. The female is less highly coloured. It is a rare and endangered species of duck. In 2002 it had a population of only 800. In India it is found only in some districts of Assam and in Arunachal Pradesh. White-winged wood ducks live deep in the forest where streams, pools and marshes are found. They are difficult to find in the wild as they spend the days perched on high trees. They feed on aquatic plants, seed of wild and cultivated plants, aquatic insects, molluscs, frogs, snakes and fishes. The primary factor affecting the population of the 'Wood Duck' is the disturbance and destruction of the rain forest habitat.
অসম আৰু অৰুণাচলৰ কেইখনমান জিলাত পোৱা এবিধ লুপ্তপ্ৰায়, ক'লা ৰঙৰ বনৰীয়া চৰাই। ২০০২ চনত এইবিধ চৰাই মুঠ সংখ্যা আছিল মাত্ৰ ৮০০। সিহঁতে দিনৰ ভাগত ওখ গছৰ ওপৰত বহি থাকে, সেইবাবে সাধাৰণতে দেখা পোৱা নাযায়।
English: white-winged wood duck, Cairina scutulata,
Assamese: দেওহাঁহ,
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